Monday, March 27, 2006


A provisional post to start this blog.

If you have any suggestions, whatsoever, please feel free...


Blogger Brewer said...

I have run into censureship at theBigPicture too. Just thought I would let you know it is happening to others and you are not being singled out.

6:12 AM  
Blogger mehoffer said...


Thank you for the feedback.
It's helpful to understand that others have run into that, as well.
Personally, I think that TBP & BR are better off by 'letting it ride', but, it is his weblog, and, with that, he is, certainly, 'free to choose'.

It has been interesting to see his 'Comments' section evolve, something tells me that the firm hand of Editorial control has diminished the field..

Maybe, he'll come to a different decision, going forward.

Past that..

Hope all is Well, with you, and yours, this Holiday Season~

8:41 PM  

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